My own Rocky Horror Story

I saw the film for the first time a couple of days before Halloween on TV in 1993. It didn't strike me as particularly cool (I also didn't really watch it all the way through; I missed about 15 minutes in the middle). But I liked the music so much that I went out and bought the CD the next day, and it spun for the next half a year unendingly in my CD player. After that, it simply yielded its place to other Rocky CD's. (Right now I have 13 different versions of Rocky). A couple of months later I was in Zurich with my friend Andy and we discovered the following poster by accident: "Rocky Horror Show live in St. Gallen!"

Andy, my sister Amanda and I went that same week (in February '94) to St. Gallen, simply out of curiosity. Rocky fever really hit me for the first time when I saw the show (this time I even understood it!) and saw the freaks in the audience (about 2/3 of the audience was in costume--we had just worn jeans). When we went back for a second time, our group was three times bigger (10 people) and this time we too strutted through the theater in high heels and garter belts. But, oh no! All the costumed freaks from the last time had been replaced by grannies and businessmen. We felt out of place. But we went back a third time, our numbers increased to 16. And it was really worth it. After the show we got to go backstage and became friends with the actors (with some of whom we are still in contact).

I made inquiries about a Swiss Fan Club. I could hardly believe all the neighboring countries had a Fan Club and we didn't ("Rocky Horror Deutschland", "Zen Room" (France), "Italian Fans"). So I founded the Swiss Rocky Horror Fan Club "FORCES OF DARKNESS" with Andy at the end of July '95. I hope it was the nicest surprise for many fans at the 20th birthday of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. :-)

Exactly two years after I saw the RHPS for the first time, I went with Andy to the 20th anniversary convention in Hollywood. This experience changed my life ;-). It was simply indescribable... all the fans and freaks...but especially all the many, many great Floor Show casts overwhelmed me. As a consequence, I started thinking about having a cast in Switzerland. The final deciding factor was the telephone call from Erwin Schenk about the RH-party in Bern...(The History of Army of High Heels)

Well, anyway...on 11/11/1995 I met Schuemi at the RHPS in Liechtenstein. Thanks to him the Fan Club is now on-line. And thanks to him I've learned about the Internet and have even made it my profession :-) 10-Q

Rocky has really changed my life.... but there is still life after Rocky Horror (really???). In my 'normal' life I build homepages (thanks to Rocky, hee hee). In my free time, (when I'm not out with SHOE) I play music...I play guitar, bass, some keyboards, drums, and I'm writing a musical about vampires with Zoran. Actually, I started this musical project with Andy, but he since bailed out of the project. He's also distanced himself from's really too bad; he was really a great fan and also a fantastic musician.

I'm actually always busy doing something...and when I don't want to do anything, there's always the TV or the Theatre, of course... also a favorite pastime. I love good films (my favorite right now is - besides Rocky - BOUND) and comedieseries (ELLEN, Absolutely Fabulous, Roseanne...) and -shows (right now, when I'm programming, I watch 'Dame Edna'...[remember Barry Humphries? He played 'Bert Schnick' in the Rocky sequel 'Shock Treatment'] This show is simply fabulous, POSSUMS). Oh have a look at the TV/Movie-Tips section!

translation by Ruth Fink-Winter